Mobile Payments Platform CrypticCoin Drops Word About Its Near Future

January 4, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

The cryptocurrency market is a crowded place, as hundreds of cryptos look for a stake amid a host of competitors, each eager to convince investors that it in fact is the new bitcoin. These days, even the old bitcoin doesn’t exactly look like the new bitcoin, as every crypto took some serious hits in 2018. But with 2019 now in play, CrypticCoin dropped word our way about the near-term future, and how it looks to tackle the glutted field.

CrypticCoin is built around its own blockchain ecosystem, though not without some features brought in. It uses the ZeroCash / Zcash protocol, and several other privacy and security features designed to improve the coin’s overall capability. It also offers the speed that users will need to even attempt to take this coin mainstream, offering both higher speeds and lowered costs over credit and debit card transaction rates.

In just a few days—January 18—CrypticCoin will celebrate its one-year anniversary, which actually connects to its overall supply number. On that date in 2018, there were approximately 7,598,607,351 humans on Earth. Given standard birth and death rates, that number changes pretty much every second, so there’s a certain amount of wiggle in there. It was launched in much the same manner as bitcoin was, as a Free Coin Offering rather than as part of an Initial Coin Offering.

The coin’s 2019 plans include improvements in security—blockchain and economic threats can be better addressed this way—as well as an update to its original Zcash protocol. A new anonymous network layer will allow for better peer-to-peer communication with wallet systems, and there will even be RSK smart-contract support which will even allow for encrypted peer-to-peer chat. Potential other plans include hackathons set up around uses of the currency, a set of new wallets, and support for Trezor and Ledger systems.

I give them credit; this may be the first time anyone’s sent me a roadmap of the company’s operations in cryptocurrency, and they’ve definitely got a lot planned for the near-term future. It could be the kind of thing that actually gives this an edge over other cryptocurrencies in the field. It may not be enough, of course, but having a plan for the future is a good way to build ground over competing currencies which have been around a lot longer. The good news here is that it clearly wants to make a mainstream play, but given the sheer number of payment vehicles we already have on hand, that could be a taller order than it expects.

It’s got a plan, though, and that’s worth mentioning. Hopefully it can run with that plan and make itself a success where so many others before it have faltered.