Super Bowl LIII To Feature Mobile Payments in NFL / Visa Deal

January 31, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Despite the fact that a hefty portion of the United States is currently shivering in the grip of Old Man Winter, there is still a hefty portion of the United States looking quietly—or not so quietly—forward to Sunday, and the arrival of Super Bowl LIII. This matchup between the Patriots and the Rams has football fans all over in deep anticipation, and there will be one more benefit to arrive: a new deal between the National Football League (NFL) and Visa will mean a lot more mobile payments involved this year.

The NFL and Visa have been working together for some time already, and with this new deal, will continue to do so for some time. The new agreement calls for the pair to continue their work through 2025, making Visa the NFL’s official payment service technology partner. Plus, the duo are also working to expand the already-substantial presence of mobile payments technology, including a contactless concession operation at Super Bowl LIII.

Visa is poised to open 30 such contactless points in Atlanta, complete with an MVP checkout system that encourages contactless cards. There will even be an augmented reality demonstration in which customers can virtually kick their purchases through simulated goalposts.

Visa’s chief marketing and communications officer Lynne Biggar noted “Over the years, we have evolved our relationship with the NFL from a sponsorship to a partnership that provides invaluable payment experiences for fans. Looking ahead, we see a cashless future for NFL fans where events, including future Super Bowls, are digital, creating a more secure and seamless payment environment for fans and concessionaires alike.”

While it may not be the reason most people will go to Super Bowl LIII, the introduction of mobile payments could be helpful. After all, we know that paper currency is generally fairly dirty, so frequent hand-washing while handling it is good practice. Taking paper currency out of the equation at food service, meanwhile, can only help provide a cleaner, safer atmosphere for people trying to get a snack at the big game.

Visa and the NFL’s move here should pay some real dividends, between convenience and cleanliness, and it’s easy to see why the duo is keeping its partnership alive for the next several years.