Mobile Marketing, Mobile Payments Market Firm iSIGN Media Lands New Director

January 29, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

When it comes to mobile payments, you can’t get very far without mobile marketing to draw interest and get users making purchases. To that end, mobile marketing groups often look for the best talent they can find to drive efforts to persuade and bring in new business. Recently, iSIGN Media dropped word our way that it had made one such new hire in Mark Thimmig, who was voted onto the company’s board of directors.

Thimmig, one of the top names around in brand development and digital marketing, joined iSIGN’s board as a way to help drive its efforts in not only mobile proximity marketing, but also in public security alerting. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Northwood University, and subsequently went on to the Wharton School’s Executive Leadership Program and the Harvard Business School’s Executive Finance Program.

Thimmig currently serves as both chairman and CEO of Conservaco LLC and the Ignite Agency, which is one of the leading crowdfunding and public relations (PR) operations on the planet. He is poised to focus efforts on omnichannel operations, integrated marketing, public relations, communication services and brand development. He has previously founded and led several companies and held leadership roles with several others, with a focus on transportation operations like General Motors, the Phaeton Automotive Group and AutoNation, among several others.

With a background in a range of functions from global entrepreneurship to mergers and acquisitions as well as technology startups, Thimmig would seem to be an absolutely perfect fit for a mobile marketing operation. Marketing depends on not only getting the attention of customers, but also keeping it, so someone who’s got a background in both startups and in longer-duration firms should have the necessary background in customer gathering and customer retention. Mobile payments too has a role in mobile marketing; whether it’s shopping directly from a device or using the device as a payment mechanism in store, that same device can prove a perfect pipeline to a potential customer.

So iSIGN has managed to land a new figure for its board of directors that should be an excellent fit long term, and help give it the edge it needs to make its own marketing successful.