Grasshopper, Solace Team Up for Better Mobile Payments-Style Investing

January 25, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

If the notion of investing in general freaks you out, don’t worry. You’re far from alone on that topic. There are so many options, and so many ways to go about it, that your odds of doing something less than perfectly right are shockingly good. Investment help is likewise prolific, and one new measure from Grasshopper—the leading proprietary trading firm and liquidity provider in Singapore—should help on that front. It sent word our way about its new connection with Solace, which looks to add new power to its trading capabilities.

Solace and Grasshopper have already been working together, reports note, but now, Grasshopper is stepping up that connection to bring in more of Solace’s PubSub+ event broker capabilities. Grasshopper has also called in Google for pricing data available in real-time to help drive predictive trading algorithms, a tool commonly used by large-scale trading operations.

The end result is an even more powerful trading tool that calls on cloud-based tools to function in a fully-mobile environment, and give traders a lot of extra room to run.

Grasshopper’s CTO, T-Klang Tan, noted “Solace is an important element of our trading infrastructure, providing the reliable, robust event distribution platform we need to exchange all kinds of real-time market data and transactions across many exchanges.”

Like I said earlier, getting investing wrong is entirely too easy a thing to do. Just ask anybody who bought bitcoin at $19,000. Having tools on hand that could be able to help thin out the noise and bring in better results is almost certainly going to prove valuable. Considering how many tools there are that make those kinds of promises, though, it’s clear that any real competitor will need to assert itself with improved features, and by extension, benefits. Throw in the fact that tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning have a certain popularity right now and you’ll have a recipe for a service users will at least be intrigued by, if not ready to use immediately.

Only time will tell if Grasshopper’s system is sufficient to draw in the users, but its plan to use some very advanced capabilities directly at the investor level shouldn’t hurt.