Walmart Ratchets Up Its Delivery Capability With New Partners

January 22, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Connecting delivery and mobile payments isn’t hard to do. After all, we need to actually receive those items we purchase with Apple Pay or the like, and delivery is a great way to do it when we’re not already in the store. Many stores have begun ramping up delivery options in recent months, and Walmart is one of the biggest such operators around. Now, it’s brought in four new companies to help handle its delivery tasks, which should ultimately make it a more attractive options in the field.

Over the next several weeks, Walmart will begin working with AxleHire, Point Pickup, Roadie and Skipcart to get Walmart deliveries to several major metropolitan areas in four states. A good step up, as long as you live in one of those states, but there are more to follow. Already, delivery is available in 800 stores, and 800 more will hit by the end of 2019.

Amazingly, Walmart’s delivery service is underpinned by trained personal shoppers—no, seriously, there’s a three-week training program including things like “how to pick the freshest produce” involved—and those who want delivery will need at least a $30 order to have it brought in. Walmart has been expanding its program for months now, and recently, we saw it team up with an autonomous car service, Udelv, in a program that starts this month.

Walmart’s senior vice president of digital operations, Tom Ward, noted “….With the help of these new delivery partners, we’re making grocery shopping even easier by bringing the everyday low prices of Walmart right to the front door of customers.”

There’s no doubt that people like the thought of getting prepared food or groceries or electronics or anything else without having to leave the house to get it. Sure, some like having the option to get out as an option, but being able to pick up without a trip is welcome too. Walmart is meeting a demand, and as its range expands, you’ll likely see a lot more non-Walmart places add this to their repertoire.

People like delivery, and delivery goes well with mobile payments. Doing your grocery shopping from your favorite chair, bed, or even bathtub is appealing, and increasingly, we’re seeing the option come into play.