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Mobile Payments Market Firm NASGO Lands Slot on BitForex Exchange

January 22, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

The growth of blockchain has prompted several firms to step into the market and produce new applications for this powerful new accounting system. The same system that gave rise to cryptocurrency, the latest in mobile payments applications, has started to proceed beyond this point as well. Recently, NASGO–a major figure in blockchain development–took a vital step forward as its NSG coin became listed on the BitForex exchange.

With the listing on BitForex comes access to over 200 countries, and yet, even this is just a start. NASGO looks to access several more exchanges this year, and beyond. This move represents one more step toward its ultimate goal of offering its services to a range of potential users, from artists to entrepreneurs. NASGO doesn’t focus on an individual cryptocurrency, as so many others have, but rather on a way to improve basic blockchain infrastructure.

BitForex is headquartered in Singapore, which is part of a bloc of Southeast Asian nations that have been driving particularly hard to develop their presence in blockchain and cryptocurrency development. It’s been staging a rapid expansion, and now counts itself among the top 10 trading platforms on the planet as a result.

NASGO co-founder Eric Tippetts noted “Of all we are accomplishing, our most important mission for 2019 is to drive complete utilization of blockchain. We are creating the infrastructure and widespread adoption that will allow the blockchain to achieve its highest potential in driving revenue for organizations all over the world.”

With the arrival on BitForex, NASGO has given itself a new opportunity to reach a whole lot of potential new users and investors. While it does offer up the NSG cryptocurrency, it’s working to open up the full range of blockchain possibilities, a measure that should make it a desirable property. Some may consider the whole concept of cryptocurrency pointless, but even the most die-hard crypto bear understands that the blockchain is a fundamentally different prospect. By having access to the blockchain, a wide range of new options emerges, and that could make those who invest therein significant returns.

Only time will tell how well NAS does on BitForex, but between NASGO’s diversified approach and the overall crypto market, this could end up quite positively for early investors and for NASGO alike