Will Amazon Ultimately Make Same-Day Delivery the New Normal?

January 17, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Actually receiving the items that you pay for via mobile payments has long been an issue, especially since online shopping became a major part of everyone’s lives. Sure, we can have stuff shipped in by UPS or FedEx or even the good old postal service, but that’s still a wait of multiple days before we actually get hands on the goods. Amazon, meanwhile, popularized the notion of same-day shipping, but will this lead to a full-scale move to the faster ship time?

Granted, same-day shipping is hardly universal. Even Amazon is only offering its one-hour delivery service in three cities—Manhattan, Denver, and Los Angeles—and even those three just since 2014. However, a recent move from beauty product mainstay Avon may be shaking this field up. Avon teamed up with Rappi, an on-demand delivery service, that would allow Avon customers to receive orders within two hours of placing an order.

The range is, unsurprisingly, limited—it’s pretty much Sao Paulo in Brazil and two cities in Colombia—but it’s a start, and a start that has nothing to do with Amazon. This came about from a competing firm, and it’s enough to make some wonder if this isn’t the start of something much, much bigger. Even Target recently started up a same-day delivery service, though it charges anywhere from $7 to $25 extra depending on what’s being shipped.

Sure, Avon and Target by themselves aren’t exactly a wider market movement, but with Target getting in, it may only be a matter of time. We’ve seen several places look harder at delivery—Walmart and Kroger come to mind—and with the growth of self-driving car delivery (or what would be drone aircraft delivery if the FAA would stop tripping over itself!), we may well be seeing a move toward rapid delivery as purely table stakes. Weirder yet, Amazon may actually be behind the curve!

Only time will tell how this all ends, but it’s a safe bet we’ll reach a point before too much longer where we can shop from our couches, then walk to the front door to pick up our ordered items, often that same day.