Certify Purchasing Brings Mobile Payments Ease to Accounts Payable.

January 17, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Taking a look at the corporate side of the mobile payments field, we got word in from Certify recently about a new product it’s rolling out, designed to give finance professionals a way to make the procurement process as easy as mobile payments shopping normally is. The solution in question is called Certify Purchasing, and it’s delivering intense new capabilities for its users.

Built on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and therefore available almost anywhere with an internet connection, Certify Purchasing automates several purchasing tasks including vendor payments and requisition processes. Accessible from mobile devices–or from a desktop–the system works to take several formerly paper-driven functions out of the process and replace them with automated tools.

Invoices are two-way, or sometimes three-way, digitally matched to purchase orders to ensure accuracy—all based on a company’s individual preferences—and the system allows managers to pre-set several points about the overall process, including escalations, proxies, purchase-approval limits and more.

With this system in place, businesses can realize lowered costs, improved customer experience, better relationships with vendors and even better data visibility.

Certify CEO Robert Neveu noted “We’ve led the market for several years with the usability of our software for travel and expense, and Certify Purchasing provides us the opportunity to bring the proven business processes and intuitive interface of our T&E products to the wider procure-to-pay function. We want to continue to empower AP teams by giving them the tools they need to automate key processes and enjoy increasingly strategic roles within their organizations.”

Getting more data available on a digital basis is actually important for a lot of companies, and mobile payments is certainly part of this picture. With analytics on the rise, businesses are eager to put their data to work developing patterns that help generate positive profit results. Tools like Certify Purchasing not only help automate purchasing systems, reducing human error and contributing to positive benefit, they also make data more available for analysis later. Whether it’s how much was spent on a certain class of item or that expenses turned out to be made unnecessarily, analytics produce value, but require data to run.

In the end, tools like Certify Purchasing mean a lot of new value in automation and data generation, and that should attract plenty of users going forward.