Yapstone Brings In Major New Mobile Payments Connection

January 16, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

If you’re not familiar with the name “Yapstone,” two things: one, you’re likely not alone, and two, you may not be unfamiliar with it for much longer. It sent word our way about its recent new hire, bringing on board Kurt Bilafer as its new executive vice president and chief revenue officer.

So you may still be scratching your head at this point wondering who Kurt Bilafer is and why this means anything for a company you probably haven’t even heard of. By way of explanation, Yapstone is a company which offers complete payment solutions for marketplace platforms, offering a range of options like risk management, split payments service, the best in security and full customer support. It’s recently revealed its new Transact Platform, and saw a $71 million funding round.

Good by itself, but that’s where Bilafer steps in. Bilafer was formerly WePay’s chief revenue officer—so he understands the territory, good for a company that was ultimately bought by JP Morgan Chase—but also, Bilafer was the general manager for the Americas for no less than Amazon Pay.

Yapstone’s CEO and co-founder, Tom Villante, noted “Kurt’s global payment expertise, relentless focus on the customer and proven abilities to drive growth make him an excellent addition to our powerhouse team of payment industry veterans. Together, we look forward to many more years of accelerated growth.”

On the surface, this looks like a good move. Bilafer has not only been in this almost-exact position before and made good on it, but he’s also been involved with one of the biggest new mobile payments systems to emerge in the last year. Sure, Amazon Pay has been around since 2007, but the mobile payments version that reaches brick-and-mortar stores is much newer. So whether Yapstone wants to be sold off to someone bigger, or wants to build into an independent operation to join the apparently still-growing throng of mobile payments options out there, Bilafer should be exactly the pick to make both those options available.

Only time will tell just which Yapstone ultimately goes with, but regardless, it’s likely made an excellent pick in Bilafer.