Mobile Payments Platform CoinNess Readies its CNNS Platform Token

January 14, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

The notion of another cryptocurrency arriving on an already-crowded market might leave people shaking their heads in concern. However, later this month, another such token will arrive. This time it’s CNNS. CNNS is the platform token of CoinNess, the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency information provider in Asia. It’s already staged some early moves and is drawing positive attention even in the midst of a still-active crypto bear market.

It started out with a CNNS airdrop on Telegram that drew the interest of several blockchain projects as well as exchanges. Two weeks after the airdrop began, over 150,000 crypto enthusiasts had joined up and took part in the event. That’s a big step given the state of the market, and CNNS’ successful launch has changed more than a few skeptics’ minds.

It helps that CoinNess has over three million active users worldwide who will be rewarded with their own CNNS stash as well as the ability to take part in giveaways and CoinNess events. Moreover, according to word from CoinNess CEO Peter Tan, these early events are just a “warm-up” preceding the token’s official launch and integration into CoinNess. That’s poised to happen sometime in February.

Tan also noted “since its inception, we have been committed to serving blockchain investors. Current news affecting fundamentals and blockchain investments are a small percentage of our coverage. In fact, 60 percent of our employees are techies. Letting technology power crypto trading is our way of doing things.”

Reports suggest that the CNNS token itself is likely to appreciate thanks to a combination of a broad community and a solid set of use cases. This is reasonable, though a bit presumptuous; we’re talking about an environment here with over 1,600 different cryptocurrencies to choose from. The notion that one more could really make any kind of difference is almost preposterous. Yet that’s what we’re seeing here as interested parties emerge from all over and give CNNS a surprisingly good chance at success.

Only time will tell just how well CNNS does on the open market—literally about a month or two will give us some idea—but for now, the early going suggests there may be a little room for CNNS after all.