Caye International Bank, Led by Joel Nagel, Named as One of World’s Best Private Banks

January 14, 2019         By: Payment Week

SAN PEDRO, Belize, January 14, 2019  — Caye International Bank, a leading bank based in Belize and chaired by attorney Joel Nagel, was named one of the World’s Best Private Banks by Global Finance Magazine for 2019. This is the second year in a row that the magazine has awarded Caye International Bank this prestigious honor.

The decision to grant Caye International Bank the award was based on a number of factors, including recommendations from sources within the financial industry, expert analysts, company documents, and public filings. The award recognizes the bank’s extraordinary customer-service model and the high quality of professional services it provides to its international client base.

Caye International Bank Chairman of the Board Joel Nagel said that being included in the Global Finance Magazine list of best banks is “a distinction accorded to few financial institutions. This repeat honor reinforces the bank’s preeminent position in Belize and throughout the international banking world.” Attorney Nagel added that, “The success of Caye International Bank is built on the contributions of our staff, our forward-thinking board members, and the loyalty of our clients.”

Belize Offers Investors Protection and Stability

Belize is an excellent location for clients from the United States and elsewhere looking to maximize the security and protection of their investments in a safe international jurisdiction. Unlike other offshore locations, the economy of Belize is stable and its currency is linked to the U.S. dollar. These two critical factors bring peace of mind to international clientele who make Belize their country of choice for offshore banking.

More About Caye International Bank

Caye International Bank, located on the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize, has leveraged the benefits offered by the stability and reliability of the country’s fiscal policy to become a premiere institution worthy of being ranked by Global Finance Magazine. The bank offers a plethora of investment and account options to clientele from all over the world. In addition to its profound commitment to customer service, the bank fiercely protects the privacy of its clients and their assets from judgments and settlements in other countries. The fact that Global Finance Magazine has named Caye International Bank as one of the World’s Best Private Banks for 2019 highlights the bank’s reputation as one of the best financial institutions in the world.


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