Jampp Joins Wibson’s Consumer Data Marketplace as Data Buyer

January 11, 2019         By: Payment Week

Gibraltar — January 11, 2019 —  Wibson, the decentralized consumer data marketplace backed by Telefonica’s investment arm Wayra, has added global mobile marketing platform Jampp as a Data Buyer in its marketplace. Consumers can now share personal data directly with Jampp through the Wibson app and, in turn, be rewarded with Wibson utility tokens. In addition, the Wibson token (WIB) has made its debut on Coinsuper, a leading Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange.

The Wibson token and mobile app support consumers’ ability to sell their personal data directly to data buyers, such as technology platforms, advertisers, marketers, academics, and data-for-social-good researchers. In the Wibson marketplace, consumers decide when and to whom they share their data, based on transparent, market-driven offers that clearly outline the data requested, price, intended use, and data buyer.


Wibson Co-founder and CEO Mat Travizano said: “The most valuable asset in the world is now data. The Wibson platform and utility token are giving consumers, for the first time, an easy way to get something back in return for the mountains of personal data they are continually creating. We’re excited to welcome Jampp, one of the most respected brands in mobile engagement, to our marketplace and provide our users more options to generate value from their data.”


Well-suited to benefit from the Wibson platform, Jampp helps mobile app marketers engage and acquire users with performance advertising. A company at the forefront of programmatic mobile advertising technology, Jampp has developed groundbreaking advances to serve a global client base that aims to reach consumers on mobile devices.

Jampp Head of Product Guido Crego said: “By using the Wibson marketplace as a new source of opted-in location data for our media targeting, we will be able to provide even better performance for our customers. With Wibson, we also know consumers are aware of their data being used while benefiting directly from the data transactions.”

The Wibson token went live with the Wibson marketplace launch in October 2018 and has already supported more than 85,000 data transactions from more than 7,000 participants. To date, more than one million WIBS have been used in such transactions by the Wibson community. The company has received funding from DGG Capital, Kenetic Capital, and Telefonica’s investment arm, Wayra, among other industry-leading investors. With the addition of Coinsuper as an exchange for the WIB token, Wibson data marketplace participants have a greater number of options for engaging in personal data transactions.

With Wibson, users’ data remains on their own devices until they decide to share it, and only then is their encrypted data directly transferred to the Data Buyer. Wibson never receives consumers’ data nor stores it on its servers. The Wibson marketplace orchestrates transactions based on well-defined, transparent offers that outline the terms of how the data will be used. Once a transaction is confirmed through a blockchain-managed, smart contract, individuals receive WIB in payment directly and securely to their mobile Wibson token wallet.

Wibson utility tokens will only be available for sale in certain countries. In particular, WIB will not be sold to US residents at this time.

About Wibson

Established in October 2017, Wibson has created a decentralized, blockchain-based personal data marketplace that provides infrastructure and incentives for individuals to securely share private information that is validated for accuracy, all without sacrificing personal privacy. Wibson is a project from the team behind Grandata whose mission is to create a trusted data ecosystem that maximizes value for both individuals and companies. For more information, visit wibson.org.

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About Jampp

The mobile app economy runs on Jampp. Jampp helps mobile app marketers engage and acquire users with performance advertising outside of Facebook. Built for scale and efficiency, the marketing platform automatically analyzes data to make real-time bidding decisions on hundreds of traffic sources. The technology dynamically creates user segments and customized ads to maximize in-app activity. With offices in San Francisco, London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Cape Town, Jampp is trusted by the world’s leading e-commerce app. For more information, visit jampp.com.

About Coinsuper

Coinsuper is a leading digital asset trading platform based in Hong Kong with extensive experience in financial advisory, compliance, wealth management, cryptocurrency and financial technology. Coinsuper adopts methods such as SSL encryption technology, multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets, and offline capital management to ensure the security and stability of the platform. Coinsuper also uses Google Authenticator in customer login and fund/BTC withdrawal to ensure that our customers’ assets and account information are well protected. For more information, visit coinsuper.com.