Tribe Payments Steps Up its Mobile Payments Roster With New Top Brass

September 5, 2019         By: Steven Anderson

Watching roster moves is part of the mobile payments concept, because the folks at the top tend to establish policy that ultimately moves the market if enough companies follow suit. Recently, Tribe Payments dropped word our way about a significant roster move that saw three new members join its C-suite.

First, there’s a new chief information officer in Fadl Mahmoud, a man with 15 years’ experience in the payments industry. Mahmoud actually had a hand in building Denmark’s Nets processing platform, and will likewise have a hand in development for Tribe Payments. He’ll be tasked especially with keeping Tribe Payments’ systems up to date and readily scalable.

Second, a new chief technology officer is in play with Vytautas Mickevicius, formerly of Deutsche Bank and Alna. Now responsible for Tribe Payments’ short-term and long-term technical strategy, Mickevicius will be building on a slate of previous developments to help advance the company forward technologically.

Finally, there’s a new chief commercial officer in Alex Reddish, who was not only head of European business at Raphaels Bank, but also head of issuing and business relations with Valitor. Reddish will be tasked with helping program managers and related partners with bringing in and keeping payment innovation in place.

Tribe Payments’ CEO Suresh Vaghjiani noted “…Our tribe of hand-picked experts – all plain-talking, clear-sighted, and hard-listening – are dedicated to delivering the future of payments. Alex, Fadl and Vytautas will together help us continue to improve our offering and bring our platform to more providers—spreading the word that payments innovation doesn’t need to compromise between speed and scale.”

Each of these new appointments definitely has a case for doing well in the appointed position. They all have solid backgrounds and should deliver as effectively as they can possibly do. The question, though, is just how big this particular container is to begin with. Tribe Payments was never exactly what would be called a household name, so the notion that these three hires can elevate it very far over what it is right now is kind of a long shot.