PayNearMe Rolls Out Mobile Payments System That Accepts Range of Options

September 27, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Sometimes, mobile payment systems can seem rather narrowly focused, specialized tools. Sometimes, though, there’s a whole new level of versatility involved, and PayNearMe recently tipped us off about its new mobile payments tool that will redefine versatility in many ways. The new PayNearMe system, a part of Handle Financial, is poised to take not only cash payments, but also debit and credit cards, as well as ACH payments.

PayNearMe not only accepts all those payment system, but it also can offer payment reminders for payments about to come due. It can even be connected to mobile wallet systems, a further boost for the users.

For those looking skeptically at a “new” payment system and wondering how long until it actually becomes useful in places where human beings shop, the answer, excitingly enough, is “now.” Already, PayNearMe is accepted at 27,000 retail locations throughout the United States, including well-known firms like Family Dollar and 7-Eleven. Casey’s General Stores and ACE Cash Express are also represented here, among several others.

PayNearMe founder and Handle Financial CEO Danny Shader noted “PayNearMe has consistently delivered innovative yet simple payment solutions to address lenders’ most pressing needs. Today, we are introducing the industry’s first complete payment platform, putting cash, debit, credit and ACH all together in one single trusted platform, along with payment reminders and mobile wallet integration. It has never been easier for lenders to process all of their payments while delivering an outstanding mobile-first experience to their customers.”

A tool like this should prove popular with retailers and anyone else who needs a payments platform. Businesses get greater access to a service that can cover payments from several different angles, while at the same time, opening up a lot of new convenience to the customer. While there will always be a certain amount of customers who miss payments regardless of conditions, there are plenty for whom payments would be faster if they weren’t so inconvenient. With PayNearMe, one of the biggest problems is out of the picture and that should result in greater revenues, less loss to write-offs, and more repeat business.

Good news all around, and both businesses and consumers have PayNearMe to thank.