Mercator Rolls Out New Mobile Payments Advisory Service

August 9, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

The customer service market is increasingly dense, thanks to a host of new developments. With point of sale (POS) developments, mobile payments, mobile apps, payment facilitators and more, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Mercator Advisory Group recently dropped word our way about its latest development known as Merchant Services, designed to help break through the confusion and deliver useful insights to customer service operations.

The Merchant Services sector of Mercator focuses on a range of topics, with targeted firms including not only retailers, but also restaurants, grocery stores, and even convenience stores. There’s even room in here for small businesses and those who are part of the gig economy.

Merchant Services is actually the result of rebranding within Mercator, reports note, and it was formerly the Customer Interaction Advisory Service. It’s designed to run in concert with the Customer Merchant Experience Survey and the CustomerMonitor Survey Series, drawing from the surveys’ data sets to produce useful insights.

Merchant Services practice director Raymond Pucci noted “Merchants are at the epicenter of the payments landscape, which has undergone significant change in recent times and will continue to feel the dynamics of disruptive forces, including online and mobile shopping. We are in a world of concierge commerce where consumers have new leverage to shop and buy when, where, and how they want. Merchants need to identify and understand how to react and capitalize on these evolving consumer purchase patterns. ”

With the level of change going on in the merchant space—mobile payments are just part of the changes—a service like this should find plenty of takers. After all, it’s not exactly easy to keep up with the developments in this field, and with Mercator delivering information on those developments, it’s going to fill a significant need. Businesses need to know what’s up and coming in the mobile payments sector, as well as all of the other changes going on in retail technology and beyond. Those who don’t are likely to fall prey to those who do, and here, “falling prey” might well mean a business closing down.

Valuable information from a trusted source is a recipe for success, so it won’t be tough to envision Mercator coming out ahead on this one.