Mobile Payments Goes Sweepstakes Thanks to ICOsuccess and Suchapp Blockchain Giveaway

August 8, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

We’ve seen a lot of uses for blockchain technology in recent months, with the establishment of cryptocurrency perhaps first among them. A new report sent our way from the coalition effort of ICOsuccess and Suchapp revealed how they’re innovating the field of initial coin offering (ICO) marketing.

The innovation in question is the world’s first blockchain sweepstakes, one that’s actually impossible to lose. Essentially, the sweepstakes works by selling tickets for 0.01 Ethereum, or roughly $4.11 US as of this writing. Users can purchase as much as they like and a jackpot quantity is split among 20 winners.

If you’re not one of those 20 winners, that’s okay; you’ll still get 0.01 Ethereum in SPS tokens.

Thus, you’re effectively purchasing SPS tokens with an outside chance of winning a jackpot-sized quantity of same. Whether you win or not, you still get the purchased SPS tokens. Reports suggest that the marketing effort is doing quite well so far, as several thousand dollars’ worth of SPS tokens have been given away so far.

Suchapp is a messaging platform that has a blockchain connection, giving users potential access to mobile payments tools through the app. While peer-to-peer (P2P) seems to be the primary use, there are also potential for auctions and similar matters. Meanwhile, ICOsuccess is a kind of public relations firm that focuses on the ICO.

One of the biggest problems in cryptocurrency has been a lack of visibility. Most people didn’t know about bitcoin—even bitcoin—until it was well past the $1,000 a coin mark. New ICOs come and go just about every day and for most they blend into the background noise of a typical cryptocurrency trading day. A strategy like this, where users have the potential to take home some significant cash for doing something they’d probably do anyway, should be tailor-made for such an issue. Word still has to get out, but if there’s more PR work than the contest itself—and there almost certainly is—it’s pretty much everything that needs doing in one handy package.

This hefty giveaway is a pretty smart effort and one that’s likely to pay dividends for the SPS token. I can’t help but wonder who will take this ball and run with it next.