Target Rolls Out Curbside Pickup in New Locations

August 24, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

While most of us enjoy online shopping and mobile shopping—especially if mobile payments are involved—the end result still must be addressed: how do we actually get the things we just bought? Whether it’s shipping or store pickup, it’s still a part of the process. Now, Target has made it just a little easier to pick up those goods purchased, bringing its curbside pickup to both California and Colorado, expanding on its earliest pilot programs.

Target planned to bring the curbside pickup option to almost 1,000 locations in time for holiday shopping, and reports out of Target say that project is proceeding apace. It’s being regarded as a way for Target to better compete with Amazon, and given that Target has already seen its order count go up around 10 percent since it introduced the service, it may be on to something. Families, reports note, find it particularly useful, and if anyone’s ever been shopping somewhere and heard screaming children in the background, you too may find such a service helpful.

This isn’t likely to be an edge long for Target, at least not one unique to the brand. Walmart has been offering it for some time in many of its stores, and even Amazon’s getting in on the action using its new Whole Foods Market subsidiaries as curbside pickup locations. Amazon Prime customers can effectively shop Whole Foods Market online via the Prime Now app, and place an order for pickup later.

Regardless of who else is doing it, this is an excellent idea. It’s sad to say that it’s not going to do Target a whole lot of good, since this is so easily replicated elsewhere—and frank                                                                                                            ly, should be replicated everywhere—but for the most part it’s still good news. With holiday shopping season afoot, and shoppers eager to pick up goods quickly to get them home and wrapped so they can spend time enjoying everything else the season can offer, Target’s move will likely be welcome everywhere it shows up.

The biggest danger here is that customers that don’t have access to the service will revolt and go elsewhere in protest. That’s only a minimal danger, so it’s a safe bet we’ll see more Target pickup options coming up soon.