EyeLock Brings Its Iris Recognition Systems to ViaTouch Media Retail Systems

August 23, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Not so long ago, we heard about EyeLock and its use of biometrics in securing mobile payments systems and the like. Sounds great, but there was a bit of disconnect between the actual value of this service and the theoretical possibility. EyeLock recently tipped us off about new plans to make EyeLock as functionally potent as it was theoretically, and it’s doing so through a new arrangement with ViaTouch Media.

EyeLock recently incorporated its iris-scanning systems with the VICKI auto-retail solution from ViaTouch Media. Effectively, it’s set to offer a way to authenticate an account, one ostensibly to be used with a vending machine. Since the EyeLock system can be integrated directly with First Data’s online payment networks, it becomes theoretically possible to pay for a can of Coke or the like just by scanning your iris. Using 240 separate and unique iris characteristics helps send the chances of mistaken identity through the floor, and can be readily connected to other technologies for added value.

Additionally, the VICKI system can communicate by directional speaker, which helps allow the machine to speak directly to the user and not be readily overheard by others. VICKI can even recognize customers, a process which will likely be even easier for it with iris scanning on its side.

While it’s easy to see the possibilities afoot here–after all, the thought of paying for a soda or the like with a quick check of the eyes has an appeal–but there’s one notable problem: security. Not so much the security of the iris scans, but rather, the security of the completed scans. It would be easy to be concerned about the status of the completed scans–if anyone managed to get hold of those they’d have access to the biometric marker that we were expecting to keep our accounts safe–but EyeLock seems to have the matter well in hand. It’s not only working with  ViaTouch Media, but it was also spotted working with Qualcomm last year to secure the Snapdragon microprocessor.

EyeLock’s powerful security system is good as it is, and it seems to be sufficiently well-protected to fend off its own issues. That’s good news all around and should make EyeLock a useful new addition to the VICKI platform.