The Next Generation of Shoppable Media, DroppTV, to Launch Funding Operation with Chaineum

August 13, 2018         By: Payment Week

13th August 2018, UK – Shoppable media technology, DroppTV has announced its partnership with Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fundraising specialists, Chaineum, to fully manage the fundraising of its ICO, with private-sales to debut in September.

Aiming to revolutionize the e-commerce and media industries, DroppTV’s innovative platform allows consumers to shop directly from their screens whilst watching their favourite TV channels, shows, movies or new Dropp channels, with the press of a button.

DroppTV is enlisting the help of Chaineum’s seasoned ICO advisory team to lead and manage its upcoming ICO. Its upcoming launch will introduce DroppTV to the market, build a foundation of Dropp tokens, and accelerate the growth and adoption of the platform.

“Its advanced understanding of blockchain technology and extensive ICO advisory board is why we have chosen Chaineum to launch DroppTV’s ICO this September. We are excited to begin our journey with them to organise and foster a successful ICO launch.” Christopher Kelly, Managing Director at DroppTV commented on the partnership announcement.

With its ICO, DroppTV looks to open the door to new investors that are interested in its advanced technology and one-off concept. During its ICO, investors will gain early access to the Dropp Token before the sale opens up to the public.

DroppTV has created an advanced video analytic technology that allows any media to be instantly shoppable. Its unique offering looks to challenge the current media and e-commerce industries by adding an interactive feature that has never been developed before.

“With DroppTV, consumers can seamlessly shop, buy, and ship the desired product mid-stream or mid-view. The power to purchase whilst being entertained is a game-changer for both fashion brands and retail outlets.” said DroppTV’s CEO, Andy McCartney.


In addition to instant purchasing power, DroppTV will offer:

  • Shoppable products, services and experiences

  • Exclusive, original content

  • GINA (AI, voice-command personal assistant)

  • Pop-up stores (exclusive merchandise and services from designers and brands)

  • Body-shape avatar (users experience what clothes look like on them prior to purchase)

  • Social media integration


DroppTV is a free-to-subscribe service launching its ICO in September 2018, and is securing partnerships with global and independent brands, designers, TV networks and content providers. Using blockchain technology, DroppTV protects user data and maintains accurate records of interactions, keeping information secure and preferences confidential. DroppTV has raised significant capital, and has developed and MVP (market viable product) in partnership with software developer company Whitespace, whose resources are powered by Microsoft.

About DroppTV

DroppTV is a global, shoppable media company enabling a direct retail opportunity.  Advised by Merchant Bank SDKA North America, the DroppTV management team consists of experienced c-suite professionals who collectively have launched multiple startups; authored one of the foundational coding languages [Java]; patented several technologies; and converted to the blockchain some of the largest companies in the world. CEO Andy McCartney (Microsoft Ventures, Whitespace Ventures) and CTO Harpreet Geekee (Nortel, Cisco, Juniper Networks) intend to flip the digital content industry on its head with this premier, interactive, direct-to-consumer experience that seamlessly fuses the entertainment, e-commerce and fashion industries. Learn more at

About Chaineum

Founded by Laurent Leloup, an expert in blockchain and corporate finance, Chaineum is positioned as the first “ICO Boutique” in France, providing a range of end-to-end services to companies and international startups wishing to develop with this new funding mechanism. Based in Paris and Besançon where Laurent Leloup is developing the “Blockchain” Valley project, Chaineum services are based on its team of experts in finance, token design, graphic design and website development, blockchain development and computer security