Moltin Mobile Payments Checkout System Adds New Sales VP

August 10, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

It’s been a couple months since we last heard anything out of Moltin, the self-checkout system that’s looking to bring the concept to many more places. Granted, it’s not in many places right now period, but that’s hopefully the kind of thing that will change when Moltin takes off. Moltin can’t really take off, though, without the right people behind it, and that’s why it recently dropped word our way about a new roster change. Specifically, the company has added Steve Green as its new vice president of sales.

Steve Green has a long history in sales and sales development; he was previously with Quick Base as its sales operations and strategy leader, where he led a team of over 70 reps. Before that, he was also vice president of sales at Vee24, and led the company to 100 percent year-to-year growth in just six months, and that isn’t the end of his impressive background.

This addition comes at an excellent time for Moltin; the company recently concluded a successful Series A funding round that brought in $8 million for it, and as we remember from two months back, it also started working with Stance to bring its app-free mobile checkout system to more users.

Moltin has an excellent idea here, but it hasn’t really been catching on the way it should. That’s just the kind of thing that an experienced VP of sales should be able to get going, and that’s just what Moltin needs right now. It’s clear that Green’s experience shows that lightning has struck in the same place a couple times, but that’s not a guarantee that he’ll do likewise for Moltin. Still, though, the company has a solid product, and solid products tend to sell well with little nudging. All Green et al will really need to do is adequately demonstrate how this product improves the chance of return business and opens up some opportunity for cost savings—perhaps a couple less people at the checkout stand—and it should flow easily from there.

Nothing succeeds like success, after all, and a product that makes a better customer experience and improves the chance of return business like Moltin should do has a fine chance of doing well in the field.