GlobalOnePay Rolls Out New Mobile Payments Solution

August 10, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

The Europay / Mastercard / Visa (EMV) standard for payment cards and the like has provided extra security in the mobile payments market, which makes it easier to turn to mobile payments. EMV operations have shown up in a wide range of products, and one of the latest such efforts was spotted with GlobalOnePay, who dropped word our way about its new app and related hardware solutions.

The new app, GlobalOnePay Mobile, is available for both iOS and Android, and will provide its users with a means to accept credit and debit cards. The app works with a wide range of card readers, which either pair wirelessly over a Bluetooth connection, or can be plugged into a device’s audio jack, making it readily compatible with an equally wide range of devices.

The total system allows users access to a highly-secure mobile payments option, and allows for not only one-time billing, but even subscription billing. Users can receive receipts via text message or email, and the system even supports several breeds of mobile payment, including magstripe, chip-and-sign, chip-and-PIN, and even manual entry.

GlobalOnePay’s senior vice president and head of product Craig Ludwig noted “GlobalOnePay’s products and services deliver a broad range of omnichannel payment capabilities. We continue to innovate, bringing to market new and better ways for merchants to accept payments online or in person. We’ve created a unique mobile experience and look forward to introducing it to our merchants and partners who will benefit from a simplified, affordable payment solution.”

This is more of a merchant solution than it is a consumer-focused tool, but that’s still worth considering. After all, mobile payments have to be accepted by merchants to really get anywhere, and anything that helps promote the use of mobile payments is good enough by us. With a clear focus on EMV, there’s a focus on security that goes with it, and the sheer range of options here should make sure there are more than enough use cases involved to make this not just some specialist tool, but a valuable part of a merchant’s lineup.

Only time will tell how far GlobalOnePay Mobile goes, but with all this going for it, it’s a fairly safe bet it will catch on and do well in the field.