Yoyo Mobile Payments Adds Mobile Order-Ahead Service

July 9, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Yoyo is actually pretty well-known throughout Europe as a mobile payments service, and one that also offers mobile loyalty and mobile marketing services for its users. Now, it’s adding another service to that lineup, as it recently tipped us off about, and it’s a popular one. Yoyo users can now get access to mobile order-ahead options, giving users the option to shop remotely, pay in advance, and pick up goods at their leisure.

Thanks to a new partnership with Preoday, a digital ordering platform, Yoyo can extend pre-order services to retailers and caterers, a development that will doubtless prove useful. Pre-order capabilities have already proven successful for some larger businesses; Starbucks actually showed us what happens when it works too well, and Yoyo also cited Wetherspoon, a British pub chain, as an example.

Best of all, the Yoyo system is readily adopted without the need for high-end tech teams, which makes it available to even small-scale operations. Preoday has, reports note, worked with brands as large as Churchill’s Fish & Chips to brands as small as Hungry Monkey, a food-ordering app that works with 70 locations throughout Gibraltar.

Michael Rolph, Yoyo’s CEO, noted “… We’ve already taken customer identification, previously only the domain of the biggest brands, and democratized it. Through our partnership with Preoday we can now do the same when it comes to offering the most enhanced personalized customer services to retailers and caterers, big or small.”

Mobile order-ahead is a great option for businesses, especially when mobile payments are added to it. After all, why not give customers the option to place an order ahead of time? It reduces the size of the line inside the business, it improves the customer experience, and that means more repeat business and larger order sizes in a lot of cases. While it can go wrong, as Starbucks found, those who plan ahead for an influx of new business after setting up mobile order-ahead—or those who just had a lot of excess capacity—can benefit from the newfound gains.

Having Yoyo open up mobile order-ahead to businesses should result in a lot of new gains, not just for the businesses who use it but for Yoyo itself. Setting up dinner just got that much easier with a simple new mobile payments-connected plan.