Prime Day Becomes Fightin’ Words for eBay

July 9, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

We’ve seen in the last few years the rise of Amazon’s “Prime Day,” a day celebrating its Prime members with impressive deals throughout the site. Great and all, but it’s the kind of thing that’s really easily imitated. Of course, you then have to ask the inevitable followup: so why isn’t anyone imitating this? Well, eBay answered that question recently, and plans a slate of exclusive deals throughout its site not just on one day, but for the week of July 16 entirely.

The deals slated to hit eBay cover a wide range of options, from electronics and sporting goods to home fashion, all at prices representing up to 80 percent discounts over normal prices. Plus, eBay’s doubling down on the “best price” concept, noting that, if customers find one of their items on an “eligible competitor’s website” that beats eBay’s price during the event, eBay will give them 110 percent of the price difference, assuming the deal in question meets the various conditions the offer comes with.

Taking a poke at Amazon, eBay noted that there was no membership required to enjoy said special offers. It further noted via Americas senior vice president Scott Cutler “Summer is a time to enjoy the things you love — as the temperatures heat up, so do our deals. eBay has everything you need this season, and no one else can match eBay’s variety and value, which fuel our shoppers’ passions with deep discounts on the latest must-have items.”

Clearly, eBay is not taking Prime Day lightly, and that’s a good move for the company. It can ill afford to have Amazon running around with high-end deals for very long; there are too many potential sales at stake not to show the banners on at least some front. With eBay’s new planned deals, meanwhile, it gains a great opportunity to take at least some of that business for itself. Extending the duration out beyond Prime Day, meanwhile, helps differentiate eBay’s offering further.

It’s a simple competitive strategy, and the winners in the end should ultimately be the shoppers. Whether they’re pulling out a mobile payments tool or shopping by some other means, those things they’re interested in should be available cheaper than expected for a little while this July.