Banco Sabadell Adds Apple Pay Mobile Payments to its Lineup

July 6, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Apple Pay’s outward expansion has been going pretty much ever since its launch, and it shows no real signs of stopping. It’s recently added a new location to its availability, and for Banco Sabadell customers, access to the mobile payments platform should be a welcome development.

The service works with both Mastercard and Visa offerings from the bank, and given that the bank has about six million such cards already in play, that could be a whole lot of new users turning to Apple Pay. In fact, Banco Sabadell’s growth in card issuance has been impressive, posting an 11 percent growth rate over the same time the previous year.

Reports suggest the setup should be easy—no more difficult than any other bank offering Apple Pay, really—and everything that normally works with Apple Pay should be in place here. That includes the security coding, the Touch ID sensor connection, and so on.

Anna Puigoriol, Banco Sabadell’s head of financial services, noted “…The implementation of Apple Pay allows us to continue offering high quality products and services, while also guaranteeing the maximum level of security, as well as an excellent purchasing experience….Banco Sabadell has always been a trailblazer in the world of payment methods, which are constantly being developed and improved. If this is to continue being the case, we need to strengthen our mobile services.”.

Since we’ve recently heard word that says Apple Pay is likely to be a major force in mobile payments over the next few years, it’s news like this that validates these projections. Banks have to be willing to offer it, and retailers have to be willing to take it. Both sides have to be reasonably in proportion; if plenty of banks allow it but there’s nowhere to use it, it won’t work, and vice versa. Otherwise, the whole thing can’t take off at all.

With Apple Pay stepping into more banks and more retailers, its chances of being put to use by its massive user base should go off well. Banco Sabadell is just one more extra bit of help on that road.