A Cryptocurrency for Paying Actors? Reel Cash Is On It.

July 27, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Remember back in the late 2000s, when Apple first brought out the iPhone and the phrase “there’s an app for that” started to be truly in vogue? Fast forward about 10 years and the catch phrase seems to have shifted to “there’s a cryptocurrency for that.” We’ve seen coins devoted to dental service, to gambling, and now, thanks to Reel Cash–who tipped us off about its new release–we may well be in a position to see a cryptocurrency devoted to paying actors and writers.

The rapid growth of streaming services has fundamentally altered entertainment as we know it, and paying actors and writers involved in streaming operations has likewise changed. That’s where Reel Cash comes inĀ  with its REEL Data Management Platform, a system that actually directly rewards viewership in cryptocurrency. In exchange, the viewer views the content, and data about the viewer can be collected and provided. This allows for greater accuracy in determining viewership numbers, and from there, compensating those involved in the production.

Trying to get accurate streaming numbers was a difficult proposition; the conventional methods left customers less than enthused, and wanting to opt out. Since there were virtually no provisions for such an action, that left customers nonplussed. By offering a reward, though, there’s a lot more reason to stick around and provide the information that studios–and the relevant actors and writers–need.

Providing accurate viewership information about streaming programs is a great idea, and one that’s been a long time coming. Without those numbers, it’s impossible to carry on business fairly. Without fair compensation to writers and actors, the productions simply don’t get made, except by those desperate enough to work unfairly. Using cryptocurrency as a means to pay off the audience for their viewership data isn’t a bad idea, and if it catches on in any degree, we may well reach a point where television networks have to pay viewers just to keep them in the fold.

That might well make watching television at least a part time job, and that’s a concept both exciting and unnerving in equal measure. If it’s going to happen, though, it’s going to be tools like Reel Cash that get the job done.