IHOP Drops the B, Restores the P, then Focuses on D: Delivery

July 20, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Ever wanted to get pancakes, but going out to get them just seemed like too much trouble? The notion of getting pancakes delivered to your home sounds great, but who actually does such a thing? The answer is now about to be much broader than you think, as IHOP announced a new partnership with DoorDash that will ultimately bring delivery pancakes to your very door.

In a move that arrives in time for IHOP’s 60th anniversary, it puts some extra power behind the IHOP  ‘n’ Go platform, IHOP’s mobile platform that offers online ordering and other features under the auspices of a mobile app. Now, fully 300 IHOP locations will have the ability to route food directly to users’ homes by connecting with a local DoorDash affiliate who will send the tasty flapjacks to your very doorstep.

Food delivery has become increasingly popular, as seen by the last five years, where revenue from delivery is up 20 percent and total deliveries are up 10 percent, meaning not only are people ordering more delivery, they’re also ordering more food for delivery.

IHOP president Darren Rebelez noted “This is really the next step in our broader strategy that we started working on about two years ago with going after the off-premise occasion. We were hearing from our guests that they wanted to enjoy IHOP food at home or wherever else they wanted to go.”

Breakfast by delivery really isn’t that outlandish; it’s one of those meals that would be excellent for delivery by drone aircraft. Think about your typical breakfast; most of it is either flat or, at worst, requires a bowl. Sausage, bacon, pancakes, omelets, toast…it’s all fairly flat and compact. Getting it to where it needs to be by delivery isn’t that complex a task, and being able to get it where it needs to be—at home, work, or otherwise (ever have breakfast for dinner?)—makes it that much more valuable. Throw in a mobile payments component and the whole process is even smoother.

IHOP’s move to make delivery available will likely prove welcome, especially for those who want a fast breakfast regardless of the hour. Those people are also likely to pay for the privilege, too, making it a win-win for both IHOP and its customers.