Dentacoin Mobile Payments System Makes New Moves

July 12, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

A while back, we took a look at Dentacoin, and noted that it was still pretty well small-time as far as cryptocurrency issues went. Since then, it’s made some almost startling advances, sufficient to make even some doubters wonder if maybe this is a cryptocurrency to take seriously as a mobile payments tool with an almost shockingly specific focus.

The biggest news is that Dentacoin recently made the move to iOS, in the form of its Dentacare Health Training app. With this app, users can get a handle on how to carry out a proper dental care regimen at home, complete with brushing, flossing, and similar actions over a three-month period. Those who successfully complete the three-month cycle are rewarded with, you guessed it, Dentacoin.

The reason the program runs three months? It’s considered to be the minimum amount of time for something to go from a practice to a habit, and habitual dental care regimens are good for overall dental health. It’s effectively taking the gamification concept and delivering it into a platform where non-stop scolding wasn’t working by bringing out actual, tangible, and valuable rewards.

Better yet, the count of dental practices accepting Dentacoin has increased; last month, when we talked about Dentacoin, it was taken at 23 practices. Recent reports put that number up to 38, suggesting that there are substantial percentage gains afoot here. Concerns of plateauing figures may have been premature, though compared against the total worldwide dental practice figures, it’s barely a drop in the spit bucket. Given that Dentacoin are running 2,612 to the dollar as of this writing—which is about a fifth the value of Dogecoin—it’s still clear that this is a rather weak-sauce entry in the cryptocurrency market. Could it gain? Sure it could. No one believed bitcoin could push the $20,000 mark, either.

Offering direct tangible rewards—inasmuch as cryptocurrency is tangible—for oral health practices is a clever, novel notion, and one that might help a lot of other such currencies do well in the field. It’s easy to picture a future with doctors’ offices rewarding patients for exercising and eating right, or even dermatologists rewarding regular face-washing with a crypto token of choice.