BJ’s Wholesale Club Takes PayPal Mobile Payments on its Website

July 12, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Now here’s a bit of expansion news that PayPal really needed in the mobile payments field; a new place that accepts its services. Shoppers at the BJ’s Wholesale Club website,, can now pay for their wholesale goods with PayPal, PayPal Credit, and PayPal Touch more readily. Shoppers won’t even have to input information, as it will be stored with the site.

Not only does PayPal have expanded functionality within the site, but users also get access to the PayPal One Touch system, an automatic log-in process that helps speed up the overall experience and thus improve it for many shoppers. With PayPal Credit in place, customers get access to a payment plan, allowing purchases of at least $99 to be extended over time. There’s not even any interest charged if the purchases are paid off within six months.

BJ’s has been stepping up its online profile in recent days, adding in new digital coupon incentives, pick-up options and more. It’s even revamped its mobile presence in a move that’s making the mobile experience even better for its shoppers, illustrating the impact that mobile shopping and mobile payments have on the marketplace. It doesn’t hurt that BJ’s recently launched an initial public offering (IPO) at last report, which would only be helped by big gains at the end user level.

Whether or not this is window dressing for a post-IPO sales pitch doesn’t particularly matter; they’re doing it, and the move will likely help bolster the bottom line directly. In fact, the only thing I wonder here is why BJ’s is limiting the move to just its website. Surely there are PayPal users who go into BJ’s locations and would like to use PayPal therein? A call to BJ’s showed it was unavailable, but why? Why set up the infrastructure for it on the website and not make it an option in the brick-and-mortar outlet as well?

It’s a strange situation, but at least PayPal users get one more place to put PayPal to work, and give PayPal a few more payments to process.