SmartCash Cryptocurrency Firm Funds Community Projects

June 5, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

If one of the biggest problems facing the mainstreaming of cryptocurrency today is that people think it’s little more than a tool for criminals, perhaps SmartCash has figured out just how to mainstream cryptocurrency after all. It dropped word our way about its SmartHive Project Treasury, which offered up a certain amount of funding to some worthy projects.

Using a voting process among members of the SmartCash community, 22 different projects were offered funding and reached completion. Some were clearly charitable in nature, like setting up and maintaining a soccer program for “…vulnerable children and young adults in Brazil.” and a month-long program that will bring up to 2,500 meals every Sunday in Venezuela while also teaching self-reliance. Given the situation in Venezuela, the meals may prove more helpful than the training, but still.

Some programs were more promotional in nature, like adding SmartCash to a conference at one of France’s leading business schools as well as expansion of the “SmartCash Roadshow” in Ghana. Some events perhaps only made sense to those who created them, like sponsoring an MMA fighter operating out of Mexico.

A SmartCash community representative noted “Our community-centric design allows us to tap into a diverse array of talents, enjoy major gains in efficiency, and give everyone the opportunity to make a significant impact with their unique ideas. As more and more people around the world join our growing community, we’re excited to see all the new ways being introduced that will further increase our reach and functionality.”

So while SmartCash isn’t exactly well-known in the crypto field, it may well have hit upon a solution to the image problem cryptocurrency suffers from: charity, and plenty of it. It’s hard to decry bitcoin as a platform for thieves and blackmailers one minute and applaud it the next for the brand new children’s hospital it built. Sure, you’ll get some who’ll shake their fingers nonetheless and insist that you can’t buy innocence, but a pattern of charity over a long enough period will take a lot of the venom out of the naysayers.

Perhaps, charity is the solution to the cryptocurrency image problem. If that can be taken care of, then mainstreaming cryptocurrency may be an easier matter than expected.