PaymentSpring’s New Check Scanning System Goes Mobile for Donations

June 29, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

One of the biggest issues facing not-for-profit entities is the issue of donations. More specifically, where to get them, and how to get more of them. With mobile payments increasingly catching on, many not-for-profits from churches to charities are finding that they’ve got to make a change from passing the hat to some kind of electronic alternative. PaymentSpring recently tipped us off about their new alternative, a check-scanning system that will turn checks into a fully-electronic mobile payments alternative.

PaymentSpring’s new check scanning tool effectively allows users to effectively use checks as part of a payment gateway system by just scanning them at the point of donation. The tool is available now for both Android and iOS users, so for those who haven’t already downloaded it, doing so now is an opportunity.

The program’s first user, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, routinely hosts fundraisers involving head-shavings in a bid to raise money for children’s cancer research. Patrons at said events often paid with check, and now, that process is much simpler. St. Baldrick’s technology director, Nate Rusch, noted that the check scanning feature has produced “great feedback,” and has allowed volunteers to “…see all the donations appear online in real-time,” a process which has “…been a tremendous benefit.” It’s also improved the speed at which St. Baldrick’s could access its funds.

Such a plan allows mobile technology to be put to work in a bid to make donations easier for people to give out. No one wants to turn away a donation just because it’s in a less-than-efficient format, especially not in a field that depends on donations for its existence. By turning the process over to a mobile platform, and basically taking it from one where checks have to be collected and taken to a bank for processing to one where checks can be processed on the spot.

Improving ease-of-use is a great way to encourage further use of a certain platform. By making checks as easy to take as they are to write, and doing so on a mobile platform, PaymentSpring has opened up a great new opportunity, one that likely several not-for-profits will take advantage of.