Ingenico, Paymentsense Make Checkout Geared to Mobile Payments

May 8, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Mobile payments are great, but they’re only so useful if the infrastructure to support them isn’t on hand. In fact, sometimes, mobile payments can just feel like a fancy but pointless way to swing a debit or credit card around. When mobile payments have a mobile checkout facility, well, that’s when things really get fancy. Ingenico and Paymentsense must have concurred, because the duo dropped word our way about its new mobile checkout system known as the Link/2500.

The Link/2500 is geared toward UK merchants, the reports note, and offers up a payment device that’s not only compact enough to go just about anywhere, but one that also readily integrates with a current point-of-sale (POS) system, largely without regard for just what kind it is. The combination of Ingenico’s device and Paymentsense’s Connect software makes it as easy to use as it is easy to move, allowing it to not only offer customers contactless payments, but also the major pays—Apple and Google—and the complete range of standard card systems.

The end result is a faster, easier experience not only for the vendor—whether it’s a retailer or a restaurant—but also for the customer. Shorter, faster lines to check out, pay-at-table options that roll smoothly through, and an overall better customer experience await those who put the Ingenico / Paymentsense system to work. The end result even got a field demonstration at the recently-concluded Retail Business Technology Exhibition in London last Thursday.

Making mobile payments more convenient is certainly a good way to get users interested, as long as there’s plenty of clear progress on the security front as that’s what seems to keep the bulk of users out of the party altogether. A mobile checkout system works well here as it means you don’t have to take your mobile payments platform to a specific place to pay; that sort of ruins the whole point of “mobile” payments. Mobile payments should work where you are, not where someone wants them to work.

Since the UK is especially into mobile payments, the new move from Ingenico and Paymentsense should go a long way toward getting new users on board on both ends. Only time will tell just how well it works, but it’s likely to go pretty smoothly in the end.