Direct Card Brings New Options to Mobile Payments in Czech Market

May 31, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Business owners have a lot of headaches to manage, and one of the biggest is expenses. While expenses are valuable things—especially around tax time—trying to keep all those receipts straight can be a rough time. Worse, those expenses represent direct cash loss, so they have to be managed as well. A new offering from Direct finance Europe may help, at least in the Czech market: the Direct Card.

The Direct Card, recently released, works anywhere Mastercard is accepted, so it will have an excellent range of options for use, including 160,000 businesses in the Czech Republic itself and over 30 million locations worldwide.

It’s a prepaid tool—a great way to keep users within certain bounds as far as expenses go—and fresh funds can be transferred in at any time from a corporate account to the Direct Collection Account. Harder limits can also be established, in real-time, and the whole thing can be both monitored and administered directly through a web or mobile application. If the card is lost or stolen, it can be blocked quickly, preventing potential losses.

Direct finance Europe’s CEO Pavel Rehak noted “We aim to simplify our customers‘ life through simple, fast, reliable and friendly solutions. Direct Card provides just that in the area of cash and expense management.  We are excited to see the interest and positive customer response that is being reflected in our rapid growth of more than 100 percent year-on-year as we are approaching further service innovations and regional expansion.”

Keeping expenses not only catalogued but also managed is an excellent strategy in general. It makes tax time a lot simpler but also ensures there’s cash on hand remaining to actually pay those taxes. Normally, I’d suggest that the problem here is that there are already a lot of solutions designed to address this problem already. Given that this is for the Czech market, it’s entirely possible that Direct finance Europe may have something like a first-mover advantage here, even if it won’t translate well into other markets.

Either way, this is a good idea, and it will likely land at least some market share in the corporate expense management field from grateful accountants and the like trying to keep it all straight.