aelf Hosts First Forum in Series Aimed at Shifting South Korean Attitudes to Blockchain

May 25, 2018         By: Payment Week

Seoul, South Korea — May 25, 2018 — aelf, the self-evolving cloud computing blockchain network, has announced the next phase of its campaign to support the South Korean cryptocurrency market, kicking off a new series of open forums on the current state of blockchain advancement within the country. The aelf community came together at the first in a series of meetings in Seoul today to discuss current and potential blockchain use cases and the road to commercial adoption. The goal of the forum series is to encourage open dialogue between the community and industry, address misconceptions surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency in South Korea, and set the stage for a positive shift in public sentiment towards the technology.

Zhuling Chen, Co-founder of aelf, said: “The South Korean blockchain market has boundless potential, but the social perception of the industry must shift from speculative to supportive. On the one hand, South Korea has one of the largest and most progressive blockchain industries, with a flourishing community keen to be recognized as a global leader in innovation. However, the broader mainstream public’s perception of cryptocurrency trading and the trading community is hampering wider industry support of blockchain development and adoption.

aelf is firmly focused on supporting the South Korean market and encouraging an open dialogue at an individual and business-to-business level to promote a change in blockchain discourse. Through our regular meetings, development of educational materials, and our work with local startups, enterprises, funds, and communities, aelf will provide a platform for the South Korean community to participate further in the blockchain industry and in shaping best practice.”

aelf also announced its partnership with ATARAD, a leading blockchain consultancy and marketing firm in South Korea, which aims to set new and reputable standards for blockchain project branding and communications.

Brian Yun, COO of ATARAD, said: “Through our partnership with aelf, we will incorporate South Korean culture and traditions into the next phase of success for both the project and the blockchain community as a whole. Already, we are seeing industry-defining technological developments that will soon be given the national and global attention this deserves.”

The conference comes after aelf’s announcement of the Innovation Alliance, formalized during a signing ceremony in Singapore in early May. Alongside aelf, the founding members of the alliance are Singapore’s largest and most influential blockchain fund Signum Capital; major cryptocurrency and blockchain hedge fund in the Asia region FBG Capital; the only leading global strategy consulting firm of German heritage and European origin Roland Berger; Huobi Labs, the research and ecosystem-building arm of Huobi; and Michael Arrington, the prominent Silicon Valley mogul and founder of TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital. The alliance will facilitate the commercial adoption of blockchain across various business verticals.

“With the vision of the Innovation Alliance rapidly materializing, I look forward to seeing aelf’s open forum series initiative gaining similar momentum and creating true impact for the blockchain community within South Korea,” said aelf Co-founder Zhuling Chen.

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About aelf:

aelf is a multi-chain parallel computing blockchain framework which incorporates state-of-the-art IT design principles and technologies to bring it up to a commercial standard. aelf is envisioned as the “Linux eco-system for blockchain”, defining the most basic, essential, and time-consuming components of the system and making significant improvements based on existing blockchains in the market. The system will allow developers to customize it to meet their own needs, particularly commercial requirements for large and diverse industries. For more information, visit