Plans its Launch Date

May 23, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

There are plenty of people who’d like to learn more about cryptocurrency out there, especially those who thought about investing but never got in, or got in probably at the wrong time; remember when bitcoin was selling around the $19,000 level? For those who want to learn more about cryptocurrency, dropped word our way recently about the official launch date for its platform, which will bring more information and a few secrets about cryptocurrency trading. is set to go live, the reports note, in June 4, and is set to “…revolutionize the way in which mainstream audiences consume and learn about the cryptocurrency sphere.” It’s set to give insight to cryptocurrency traders at every level of skill, from currently-practicing traders to the complete neophyte.

Everything from blog posts to complete webinars will be on hand here, covering a wide range of topics from current trends to macro views of the overall landscape. Said content will be produced by a crew of experts ranging from Peter Brandt to Tone Vays. founder Bob Loukas noted “As we continue to see cryptocurrency trading become the norm, a lot of seasoned and independent traders have begun investing in Bitcoin and other tokens with varied results. There is often an air of uncertainty on what to do next and with little understanding of the market, it can be a daunting space to enter. We want to remove that uncertainty and by working with the most knowledgeable experts, will be a one-stop-subscription service to end all the cryptocurrency confusion.”

All of this is true enough; crypto trading is going mainstream, or at least starting to, and there’s definitely a lot of uncertainty. There’s also fear and doubt, which adds up to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), or one of the greatest blocks a market can face. Education is a great counter to FUD since it removes many of these agents or reduces their capability. It’s hard to be afraid if you know what to watch for, and doubt and uncertainty generally go hand-in-hand, so removing one directly removes the other.

The question is, will the wider market regard this education as sufficiently credible to fight FUD effectively? Only time will tell on that score, but it’s a fairly safe bet we’ll have one more FUD-fighter in the field directly.