MobileDemand’s xKeyPad Offers New Value to Mobile POS, Mobile Payments

May 15, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

For small businesses that use tablets as a point of sale (POS) system—a notion that’s proven valuable among the smallest businesses who want to take credit cards and may need to do so in areas without a lot of infrastructure—there’s a new advance to help out here. It’s called xKeyPad, and its maker, MobileDemand, recently dropped word our way about it.

MobileDemand is perhaps best known for its line of rugged tablets, devices that are specifically designed to survive the shocks and various troubles of being used outdoors. The xKeyPad system doesn’t just work with these tablets, but rather, any tablet running Windows 10.

The system works with a wide range of tablets, and delivers a vital function: it’s a tool designed to give users a way to enter numbers faster by providing a persistent numeric keypad, almost like the number keypad you’d find on a standard computer keyboard. It even offers snap placement to allow for left- or right-handed use.

Additionally, the app allows for barcode scanning using the camera most tablets have on hand. This means operation without the handheld scanner or add-on keyboards, which simplifies operations and makes them more accessible for smaller businesses. While it’s useful for those making sales remotely and turning to mobile payments, it’s also valuable for those who have to enter a lot of data on the road, like outside sales reps.

The service is available on a monthly subscription basis right now, and soon, an annual version—possibly with a discount—will also come into play.

Simplifying operations is important for most any small business; saved time is saved money, especially when you might be the only one who’s running said operation. While this might not sound like a big deal, it does have a great potential to trim down time spent on entering numbers. That could be an incentive to bring in more mobile payments options, especially with those who are using tablets already. Throw in the ability to use the camera as a barcode scanner and that only improves the picture.

Every development helps; while xKeyPad may not be a big part of the mobile payments landscape going forward, it’s certainly eligible to be part of it.