Groupon, Grubhub Get Going in Chicago

May 11, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Anyone who’s from Chicago—or has just been there recently—knows full well that one of its greatest features is its food. Choices about from the toniest steakhouses to the simplest pizza joint. Now, the Chicago food scene is about to get another jolt of life as Groupon and Grubhub now work together therein.

The initial reports suggest that Groupon users will be able to place orders with the array of Chicagoland food vendors operating on Grubhub, a move which should open up new opportunities for same by allowing those vendors to offer deals on Groupon. Groupon deals often represent excellent cost savings; while not often in the two-for-one bracket, a $50 bill going for $35 is often seen.

The rollout is also said to be something a bit more gradual, with full integration set to hit by the end of this year. Groupon’s been busy of late, which might contribute to the slow rollout here. In just the last few months, Groupon has set up a range of new partnerships with companies from Universal Orlando Resort Theme Parks to Viator.

Groupon’s general manager of food and drink, and company vice president, Gene McKenna noted “Our customers have a demonstrated desire for delivery options on Groupon. By partnering with the premier online pickup and delivery marketplace in Grubhub, we’re able to add their amazing restaurant roster to our strong local food and drink inventory. Turning Groupon into a daily utility for our customers means having relevant, transactable inventory for every local need, and food delivery fills an important space in our marketplace.”

It’s a win-win here no matter what. With Grubhub and Groupon making more discounts available to end users, there’s a lot more chance to discover new dining options in an immediate area. By having a way to make their presence known, area restaurants can reach new—if somewhat discounted—markets and sell more food. Since Grubhub and Groupon likely get a piece of this, expanded business means more revenue for them as well, as well as greater reasons to use their sites to find these deals to begin with.

Good all around, and especially for those diners in Chicago looking for a new taste sensation to check out right from a mobile app.