PaymentSpring Makes Mobile Payments, Online Payments Easier to Take

April 30, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Charities have had quite a bit of challenge lately, adjusting to the new mobile payments landscape. We’ve already seen churches turn their collection plates into mobile payments terminals, seen charities connect to stores to allow for all sorts of mobile payments-ready donation schemes, and plenty more besides. Now, a new report sent our way from PaymentSpring suggests there’s a new plan afoot: a customizable payment form that can be readily added to any website.

The payment form in question, known as Checkout Widget, allows most any charity or group with a website to add an online payment field to the site without having to call in web developers. Purchase forms can be readily added, including such fields as “In Honor Of,” a common field when it comes to charitable donations.

The process is, at last report, sufficiently easy to use that even “people with no experience developing or designing for the web…” can add such fields to a currently-running site. Word from PaymentSpring’s president Mike Phelan says that the process is as simple as “answering a few easy questions” and “check(ing) a few buttons,” with adjustment done readily from there. The new features are available to users now, and newcomers can also try it for free at last report.

Getting donations is a big part of operations for most any not-for-profit operation, and with the shift to mobile payments, it’s become a little tougher. For one, people aren’t carrying much cash any more, which makes the standard ploy of leave-a-jar-out-and-wait a little, well, meaningless. Change is also reduced in importance for much the same reason.

All this means that charities have to work a completely new angle, and that’s where mobile payments increasingly come into play. Online payments help too, of course, and since these can often be accessed by mobile devices, that’s an increasing point in mobile’s favor. We’ve already seen examples of this crop up all over, from churches to buskers to beggars, so to see charities step into the mobile fold is an encouraging sight by any standard.

Changing the way charities accept donations will be vital to their existence going forward, and with PaymentSpring along to help, it should make the changes that much easier to put in place.