Blockchain Research Institute Adds New Membership

April 26, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

The more that comes out about blockchain, the more it looks like this could be at least a significant component of mobile payments’ future, as well as the future of several other technological developments. It’s not surprising, therefore, that there’s an entire Blockchain Research Institute devoted to the advancement of blockchain study. It recently dropped word our way about new additions to its membership, including some of the biggest names in their field.

The Blockchain Research Institute added over 10 new members, including not only banking concerns like BPC Banking Technologies and Raiffeisen Bank International, but also companies like Salesforce, known for its line of customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Public relations and brand management firms were also spotted getting in on the action.

There’s even a new class of membership companies could join the Institute as; known as Blockchain Pioneers, this class is known as those firms who are at the point of the spear in innovation at the development level. Blockchain Pioneers include Sweetbridge, Decentral and Polymath.

The Institute’s co-founder and executive chairman, Don Tapscott, noted “We are pleased to welcome these global leaders to the Blockchain Research Institute. The blockchain industry is growing and changing at an accelerated pace, and we look forward to helping these companies navigate the blockchain revolution through our research and thought leadership. Like our corporate and government members, these companies are at very different stages of their blockchain transformations. We can foster more innovation through collaboration by creating a network of builders in the blockchain space alongside leaders in enterprise and government.”

Encouraging development in the blockchain space is a good plan; it’s really not going to get anywhere without concerted effort in development. Companies will need resources to bring about such development, and having a centralized gathering point for sharing information and getting access to those resources should be helpful. Blockchain is a new technology, essentially being built from the ground up, and that calls for concerted development.

We’re still in early days when it comes to blockchain, and the more development we can put into the technology, the better it will come out. The addition of new members in the Blockchain Research Institute should only help such a plan pan out.