Grubhub, Venmo Team Up to Add Mobile Payments to Food Delivery

April 20, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Ordering food online and paying for it via a mobile payments interface is increasingly an easy task. With good reason; businesses selling the food want it to be as easy a process as possible to get more orders. Now, Grubhub has recently stepped up its own operations to make it that much easier to add mobile payments to a food order by teaming up with Venmo.

Venmo, the peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payments platform, has long made it easy for friends going out to split a check by letting one person pay the bill, and then having everyone else pay the person who paid the bill. That kind of functionality wasn’t always available for online orders, but now, it’s available for those who want to split costs on food delivery.

The new Venmo functionality extends not only to Grubhub orders, reports note, but also to Eat24 and Seamless orders as well. Users will be able to pay from a Venmo balance, or from linked products like a debit card or a bank account, and the option to pay via Venmo will be visible at checkout.

Sam Hall, Grubhub’s chief product officer, noted “More than 60 percent of our orders are placed on mobile devices, so we always look for ways to make it easier for diners to find and order food they want, when and where they want it…. Adding the ‘split the bill’ feature provides an additional level of convenience our diners have come to expect from us.”

While it probably wasn’t necessary to add Venmo to the app to take advantage of it, the added convenience factor will probably help Grubhub users think to turn to Venmo for bill payment. There’s certainly nothing wrong with calling attention to it, and the “Oh yeah!” factor might well help pump up business in the interim. This is especially true among the younger set, like the millennials, who love and regularly use Venmo anyway. With that highlighting, Grubhub just improved the chances Venmo will be used, and probably got a little extra respect from a market that loves take-out anyway.

Convenience certainly sells, and Venmo’s new connection to Grubhub will likely only make things easier. Easier things are more often used, and that’s a win-win for all concerned.