Igoria Trade, Billon Team Up to Put Blockchain to Work

April 17, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

The blockchain has been one of the biggest buzz words around lately, but there’s no doubt that this technology has quite a bit more tangible result than your standard buzz word-fest. In fact, one such advance has recently stepped forward as we got word about a new team-up between Billon and Igoria Trade, a move which will put some new blockchain power into mobile payments directly.

Billon is best known as a company that’s been working with blockchain for both payments and smart data, while Igoria is known for its IgoriaCard, a payments platform that allows for payments across 150 different currencies. IgoriaCard is also known for its low exchange costs and the fact that it offers its user fully 12 free accounts.

With the two connected, Billon customers will be able to put IgoriaCard to use with current operations, including solutions built around the Distributed Ledger Engine. Since IgoriaCard also puts the Mastercard network to use, that ensures that IgoriaCard will be able to handily function; the network includes such tools as tracking payment history, establishing payment limits, and setting up currency exchange.

Billon’s founder and CEO, Andrzej Horoszczak, noted “The partnership with Igoria is the start of a relationship that could see us fully commercialize our distributed ledger technology and move from existing individual deployments to a much broader transformation of payments and the banking system.  Both Igoria and Billon have aspirations to expand globally and with cutting edge technology now at their fingertips, the future of payments is on the horizon.”

Which is just the case; the future of payments really is on the horizon, and we’re only just starting to see it come around. While it’s not immediately clear just how much of a role the blockchain will play in that future, it is clear that there’s some room for it.  This use, meanwhile, should be welcome, particularly as cross-border payments take on a new importance in the market.

Billon and Igoria’s new effort will help expedite mobile payments, though it’s going to have its share of the market to take on from a lot of other, bigger firms doing likewise. Will its heavy blockchain use be enough to keep it going? Only time will tell on that front.