Dentacoin Cryptocurrency Easier to Get With New Changelly Connection

April 16, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Back when Dentacoin first emerged, it was easy to be skeptical. It was minimally-valued, had almost no real purpose, and no one was really talking about it. Plus, even if you were actually interested in laying hands on some of it—and it was a bargain, too—there still wasn’t much point unless you either wanted to get a lot together to get some dental work done (and you could find a dentist that took it) or you wanted to speculated that this would somehow be “the next bitcoin”. Dentacoin has fixed one of these issues, however, with a new connection to Changelly.

Changelly is a fairly popular cryptocurrency exchange, which at last report offers over 100 different altcoins. The big ones are in attendance; bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple and Zcash are all in play. But so too are a healthy range of coins that you may well never have heard of, including Synereo, Melon, Gulden and plenty more. Thanks to this recent move, Dentacoin is now part of the action.

Better yet, it’s apparently possible to take your regular dollars—or even euros—and buy your currency of choice straight up. The conversion back to dollars or euros, however, still seems a bit lacking.

Dentacoin’s co-founder and core developer Jeremias Grenzebach noted “Having Dentacoin listed on Changelly opens up new horizons in front of us. The instant exchange of Dentacoin to hundred other altcoins is an important feature accessible directly through the Changelly’s widget on our website….”

This is all fine and well, and it’s fixed a major problem of availability that probably did keep a few people out of the Dentacoin pool. The problem is that it hasn’t fixed the other problems, problems that were much bigger than “where can I get some of that?”. Now, it’s got to address problems like “why would I buy into this” or “why is absolutely no one I know getting in on this?”. Community size and overall usefulness are big parts of the equation, and unless Dentacoin can address them, it will be just another also-ran in a growing pool of flopped coins.

Dentacoin has addressed one of its big problems, and that’s a good step. The question now is if it can fix the rest of them before sliding into obscurity