777.BINGO Launches New Game Using Blockchain Basis

April 10, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

The concept of being rewarded for playing video games is a novel one, though oddly enough, one that seems to be less novel with each passing day. Singaporean entertainment company 777.BINGO seems to be joining the fray, as it dropped word our way about its upcoming QTUM Heroes, a blockchain-based game that looks to provide some good old fashioned incentive to play.

QTUM Heroes might seem like other games at first, but takes a quick departure by combining the arena-based hero combat of many common multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) with blockchain elements to create a game where heroes have value. The heroes in question square off in eight-hero combats, and the winner walks away with a championship trophy and a direct reward in cryptocurrency.

Essentially, according to CEO Matt Lee, 777.BINGO is out to be a major new figure in connecting gaming with blockchain technology. 777.BINGO actually has a leg up on this development, as its game studio arm Mob Arts had previously been spotted developing House of Heroes, which was actually the first third-party game that Tencent had launched on all its platforms despite being a third-party developed title.

With reports suggesting that 777.BINGO is also working on its own token known as 777 ERC20—which the company recently shopped around throughout Japan and South Korea—it’s not exactly too far a leap to say that 777.BINGO might well have an inside track on developing a game that actually pays you to play it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen such a notion—we got tipped off about another such game not so long ago from Chimaera and Soccer Manager—but much of the same issues apply. How does this even work? Do they issue their own cryptocurrency and hope someone takes sufficient notice to make the currency valid? Of course, one of the biggest determining factors of value in cryptocurrency is the size of its community, and if a game can get enough interest behind it to draw a crowd, there’s a community right here.

If you ever wanted a way to get gamers in and playing, then offering a way for them to play the game and earn cash sufficient to cover the Cheetos and Mountain Dew in a gaming session might well do the job.