PayPal Gives Merchants New Options With Braintree Extend

March 30, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

When I first heard about the upcoming eBay / PayPal disconnect, I got worried. PayPal fought back with new innovations and new deals that increasingly make it look like eBay’s loss will be a minor inconvenience rather than a crippling tragedy. That got a little more credence with recently-announced plans to bring out the Braintree Extend system.

Braintree Extend, only recently launched, is a new variety of merchant solutions geared toward providing merchants with answers to many common problems. This not only includes the ability to reach into other market ecosystems to do business, but also protect companies while doing business therein with improved security.

With Braintree Extend, reports note, users get better access to help in transactions, in contextual commerce, and in loyalty / rewards use. For instance, with Braintree Extend, Vivid Seats—a ticket seller—can actually use tokenized data sharing to reduce ticket fraud with a fraud detection service joining in. The data is more readily available and can be shared, yet shared safely, to prevent fraud but protect the customer in the process. Braintree Extend was also seen working with Yelp Cash Back, the loyalty program arm of Yelp.

Braintree’s senior manager of business development Azita Habibi noted “I think you see merchants hit a certain scale, and then the question becomes how do we reach our customers and keep them more involved. That is a big effort, and merchants want to be able to partner with the best-in-breed loyalty platforms or connect directly themselves to the card networks. We make it possible to make those connections and really spin them up fast.”

Anything that augments customer experience or the ability to tap into new markets is likely going to be landed on with both feet by users in the sector. After all, who doesn’t want the ability to expand a customer base, do so safely, and improve the odds that those new customers will stick around? There are very few businesses who don’t have an active interest in such developments, and so, Braintree Expand will likely be a popular item in the weeks to come.

So here, Braintree Expand desperately needs to get the word out about this new line of back-office systems. It’s likely to do too much good for businesses to not spread the word.