Paysafe’s Kelby Berg Lands “Forty Under 40” Honor

March 26, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Most any business will tell you that having the right people is vital to ongoing operations. Without those people in place, even the best technology and processes can only go so far. Paysafe recently dropped word our way about one of its own hires that made good: Kelby Berg, who recently landed a slot on the Electronic Transaction Association’s first-ever “Forty Under 40” list.

The Forty Under 40 list is pretty much exactly what it says on the box: a celebration of 40 individuals in a certain industry who have not yet reached the age of 40, or are still comparatively young by the standards of an industry that often measures value by experience, either subconsciously or as a conscious mandate.  

Berg, who serves as Paysafe’s vice president of US operations for its payment processing division, landed a slot on the list as a 10-plus year veteran of the payments industry, and one of the top ranking experience in the operations front. Paysafe regards Berg as a “consummate professional dedicated to perfecting processes and procedures to improve service levels.” As part of Paysafe, Berg’s leadership resulted in several new deals established with agents and partners alike.

Paysafe’s chief operating officer for North American payment processing Joseph Daly noted “…Her results, innovative approach, and passion for operations excellence are outstanding and worth being recognized. She is truly deserving of this honor, which reflects her ability to help shape and diversify the payments landscape. “

Some might look at a list like this and call it pointless—after all, Berg likely didn’t sign all those deals directly, but rather had an unheralded staff working to do a hefty chunk of that work—but it’s still worthwhile in a sense. After all, businesses with industry accolades or certifications are more likely to draw in business; these things call attention to a business’ operations and make it look more credible, which improves the likelihood that one will be chosen over another, especially when all else is equal.

So congratulations to Kelby Berg, who has just increased the likelihood of future businesses signing deals with Paysafe by providing the basis for just a little extra credibility in the market.