It’s a New PIN-on-Mobile Pilot Program for MYPINPAD, Ingenico

March 19, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

We’ve been hearing about MYPINPAD’s PIN-on-mobile (PoM) concept for some time now, and now, it’s about to get a bit of baptism by fire. MYPINPAD is getting together with Ingenico Group, one of the leaders in seamless mobile payments, to bring out the MYPINPAD PoM system in Europe for those using Ingenico systems.

PoM, as you’ll remember, is a system designed to make mobile payments safer by better allowing for the use of PIN systems on standard mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the new pilot program, the MYPINPAD PIN Entry Solution (MPES) will now be incorporated into Ingenico systems. Since a hardware-based PIN pad will no longer be necessary, it should be a lot easier to expand the use of PIN operations and make mobile payments more secure.

It will be a while before users start seeing this capability crop up, however, as the first pilot won’t be going live until the middle of this year, with some specific card schemes.

MYPINPAD’s David Poole, global head of mobile point-of-sale (POS), noted “Ingenico is an ideal partner for our global PoM delivery. Their knowledge, understanding and reputation for securing payments is renowned globally. Together we have produced a pioneering payment solution that is designed to meet scheme requirements. We know that ubiquitous smart devices have a significant role to play in powering the growth of card acceptance points and we expect to lead that drive. PoM has the potential to become the most widespread form of face-to-face payment authentication.”

Making mobile payments more secure is one of the biggest steps that can be taken to widespread use. It was perhaps the biggest objection the early adopters had, and it’s still a major objection in terms of  the latecomers as this platform progresses to the mainstream. MYPINPAD’s system is certainly a great step forward in making mobile payments more secure, and it’s a safe bet we’ll see this crop up in a lot more places before it’s all said and done.

Everyone wants a payment system they can trust, and MYPINPAD and Ingenico are doing their best to make mobile payments that trusted system. Only time will tell how well it works, but it certainly looks good from here.