A Buy Now Button for Apple Pay Now Testing

February 2, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

The impulse buy has long been a staple of retail operations for years, and with the growth of online shopping, the power to make the impulse buy even more impulsive is firmly within our grasp. A recent partnership effort between Volusion and Apple Pay is set to help on this front, as the duo are working to make a “buy now” button available for those retailers running on the Volusion platform.

Essentially, with the addition of the buy now button, Volusion has created a direct connection between its merchants and Apple Pay, which means those who use Apple Pay will be able to buy directly from a Volusion merchant without having to enter the various necessary bits of information every time. Better yet, the buy now button in question can be directly installed in the merchants’ product pages.

Apple’s been steadily expanding its overall usefulness to businesses, and with the rollout of iOS 11.3 will come the addition of “Business Chat.” The Business Chat system allows for a quick connection between the end user and a company representative, of whatever company the end user is dealing with at the time.

Plus, purchases can be made directly from the Messages app, which allows users to get questions answered quickly then pull the trigger on a purchase from the same platform. Apple will be ramping up that partnership concept in short order, connecting to Lowe’s, Hilton, Discover and Wells Fargo.

The ability to reduce latency—the time between contact with a stimulus and the recipient’s response—in shopping is a powerful and valuable tool. By bringing a “buy now” button to certain retailers, this combination improves the likelihood that customers will undergo the see it-want it-get it feedback loop that helps ensure a purchase gets made. The more time that elapses between see it / want it and get it, the less chance “get it” will happen as customers “re-think” a purchase. Doubt settles in, price comparisons take place, and the chance of a sale drops. Buy now buttons help streamline the process and improve the chance of purchase.

Volusion and Apple Pay’s team-up is likely to help a lot of businesses, and may well expand going forward thanks to the sheer power mobile payments has in connecting businesses and consumers faster.