The deVere Vault System Launches a Companion Card System

February 19, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

We’ve been hearing more than a little about the deVere Group of late, commonly starting with its advances in cryptocurrencies. It’s not just about the crypto, however, as it also has a system for dealing with regular government-issue currencies as well. The deVere Group actually dropped word our way recently about the latest move on that front, adding Companion Cards to its deVere Vault app.

For those not familiar, deVere Vault is an e-money app that works in fully 27 different currencies at last report, and could be accessed via a Mastercard Prepaid card. Now, with the addition of Companion Cards, as many as three more cards can be added to the overall system, allowing several users access to the various currencies contained within the deVere Vault system.

Users can set up both “adult” and “youth” models, and in the event of loss or theft, whoever has the card can declare it frozen. Only the primary account holder, however, can unfreeze the card. Both cards can have spending limits attached, which helps users stick to a budget, and the Companion Cards receive their funding from the main cardholder, which prevents the Companion Card from being used as a weak point to drain the main account.

The company’s founder and CEO Nigel Green noted “Primarily, users were telling us that they wanted to give a card to their child or children for when they go out, or perhaps when they go traveling overseas, or to a spouse for living expenses or travel costs.  We listened and developed Companion Accounts, which allow the primary account holder to control and manage the funds on the additional Vault Accounts all within their secure Vault app.”

It’s a little extra utility and a little extra flexibility, which is no doubt great for those putting a deVere Group account to work when traveling. It’s not clear how many extra users this will pull in, especially among those who already have a mobile payment solution or the like on hand—or are just sticking to cash—but it’s a safe bet it will at least keep the current user base on the reservation, so to speak.

Sometimes, that little extra touch helps improve an overall customer experience. The deVere Group is clearly going that extra mile.