New Blockchain SuperStars Even Features Mobile Payments Firm DNotes

December 7, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

A television special devoted to heroes of the blockchain? It might sound kind of outlandish, but that’s apparently what recently happened on NLTV, or so DNotes recently tipped us off about. It sent the tip our way because the mobile payments and cryptocurrency firm not only had an appearance on said show—titled Blockchain SuperStars International—but also had its co-founder, Alan Yong, featured therein.

The Blockchain SuperStars event is set to bring together not only major Hollywood names, but also blockchain industry experts to talk about the blockchain phenomenon and describe the impact it could have on everyday users’ lives. It’s poised to hit major markets in the United States, and in over 50 separate countries worldwide.

DNotes, meanwhile, is appearing on the program as a comparative unknown in the field, in the unlikely position of being a Blockchain SuperStar—one of 20 to be featured on the program—that almost no one has ever actually heard of. DNotes is currently ranked 701 on CoinMarketCap’s listings—which puts it somewhere near the upper third of all cryptocurrencies, or maybe just the top of the middle  third, depending on how you look at it—and can be found on a few small exchanges like Stex and Mercatox.

DNotes has been in the market since February 2014—its five-year anniversary is just over the horizon, making it about half as old as bitcoin itself—but has been hit with many of the same issues of perception that other, smaller altcoins have been hit with in recent months, including those which saw just about every currency lose value.

It certainly doesn’t help that the sheer number of use cases out there for cryptocurrency are still remarkably slim, and many users wouldn’t have a clue what to do with their cryptocurrency even if they had it. There are a lot of potential uses, but in these, there are also plenty more competitors out there, often entrenched, and not suffering from a serious image problem. If cryptocurrency wants to be anything more than an also-ran and a market curiosity, it’s going to have to get useful, and fast.

With mobile payments alternatives aplenty filling the market, cryptocurrencies and blockchain superstars like DNotes will have to really pull to catch users’ interest and keep them coming back.