Payment Week Q&A w/ Stephen Culp, CEO of PriceWaiter

December 6, 2018         By: Michael Millington

How does PriceWaiter help consumers during the holiday season?


In the chaos of the holiday shopping season, PriceWaiter gives consumers more control over how they spend and, more importantly, how they save money. With the PriceWaiter extension installed, shoppers are in charge. They can shop where they want to shop, for what they want (not just select overstock), when they want to shop (forget waking up at 6am for that manufactured shopping holiday deal). When they are looking at something that PriceWaiter can save them money on, a little box appears in the browser saying “Make an Offer.” Shoppers simply name their price, and PriceWaiter does the hard work, negotiating a better deal for you – simply, quickly and privately. In the fog of war of holiday shopping, PriceWaiter is your trusted ally, ultimately saving you money, time and energy — virtually anywhere you shop, including Amazon.


One of the main concerns of consumers this holiday season is personal data security. Does PriceWaiter do anything to help alleviate those fears and if so, what does it do?


  1. PriceWaiter allows you to buy from independent retailers who may be able to offer a lower price or better service without having to give out your credit card to every retailer.


  1. On top of that, PriceWaiter leverages top payment processors so even our team cannot access credit card numbers of our shoppers.


  1. PriceWaiter also does not share contact information with our retail partners until we have negotiated a completed transaction.


Where do you see PriceWaiter in the upcoming future? Will it continue to grow as a browser extension or are there any plans to evolve the service past that?


Our goal at PriceWaiter is to make buying and selling better, everywhere, for all sides of a transaction. So PriceWaiter will evolve, and likely become increasingly ubiquitous and transparent. Ultimately, the internet is the most efficient market in history, and negotiation has been an essential part of all markets since the beginning of trade — because it works — but it needs an upgrade. PriceWaiter is that upgrade.


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