FreedomPay the Mobile Payments Security Option of Choice at Nando’s

December 6, 2018         By: Steven Anderson

Good news for those who enjoy a trip to Nando’s; this South African dining experience, home of the Peri-Peri chicken, is poised to get a real boost to its payment processing. FreedomPay sent word our way about its new connection with Nando’s, which will in turn make a trip to Nando’s a much safer one for those planning to pay via mobile payments.

Nando’s—with US locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois at last report—recently decided to shake things up a bit as far as its security went. Not only did it make the switch to FreedomPay’s platform, but it also changed its point of sale systems as well, bringing in Oracle MICROS Symphony. Now, Nando locations have access to a complete, integrated solution that offers Payment Card Industry (PCI)-level validated security for transactions. It’s the highest standard of payments security around, so fraud attempts should drop accordingly.

What’s more, it should help individual Nando’s locations as well. Reduced chargebacks, improved speed at the point of sale, and even an end to the need to hand a payment card to the cashier, which should make lines go faster and give customers a lot less headache in the line.

FreedomPay’s chief technology officer and president Christopher Kronenthal noted “Nando’s is internationally famous for their customer engagement and FreedomPay is pleased to be a part of enhancing this experience by providing a secure, unified payment experience. Because Nando’s is using customer facing payment devices, their guests are spending less time in line and more time enjoying their dining experience.”

Granted, the individual time savings here probably won’t be substantial. It’s not like people were waiting 10 minutes or more to get their chicken. In aggregate, however, the improvement should be significant. After all, if you’re running a couple hundred customers a day through a fast-food operation, saving even a few seconds per customer adds up over the course of that day. Throw in the fact that payments are also a lot safer and that puts icing on an already very palatable cake.

Nando’s locations might well net a few new customers out of the deal besides, thanks to improved speed and security at checkout.